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Hi here’s Tilman

I am so exited about the team. I really like inventing and creating, I take apart stuff like calculators and find out how thery work.I also build stuff for my house like the bellringer that rings a bell in the basment so you know when the food is ready. Every Monday,Wednesday ,and Saturday I go to karate,I’m a brown belt. I can speak German fluently and go to Germany every year.Costa Rica is also one of my favorite destinsations. I also really love reading and computer programing(not just NXT). I an 10years old and my birthday is on the 11-11th. My little brother is called adrian and is 5 years old, he also loves legos. I am a pianist and chelloist.

Justin about himself

My name is Justin and I am 10 years old and going into 5th grade. My ywo favorite sports are soccer and basketball.  I am on a travel soccer team with ferdi. I am in a gifted class with Tilman and Jackie. I am going to join my church’s choir in september. I just started to collect yo-yos and I am working on tricks. I ride a ripstick and a bike. i have two pets….a 14 year old cat named punkin, and a 1 year old yorkie named kaylyn. I have a 16 year old brother named Jake who is my best friend. I like to explore the web and I like Fred on youtube. I like to play mini golf with my family and watch movies…..and play games

Welcome to our new online home, IguTechs!

In this section you (team members only) can share you thoughts about out weekly meetings, our progress with the robot missions and research project. Tell us what you liked, tell us about the milestones we completed, how many phone calls it can take to just order a pizza or tell us anything else fun that happened.

You can use this blog as sort of online diary of our activities. We will keep all entries so that you can go back in time anytime you wish.

Rules: Nothing personal; No last names; Don’t give away any secrets of our robot,…

Have fun. Your Coach

The IguTech Homepage Has Been Launched!


Welcome to the homepage of the IguTech First Lego League team!

Check back often to see what is happening while we will be working hard on getting ready to successfully compete in this year’s·FLL challenge.

Check out the links on this page to find out what the FLL competition·is all about, who the IguTech team members are, and what we are working on...