Research Project Overview (2009/10 Season)

In order to advance to a championship, FIRST Lego League (FLL) teams are required to complete a research project and give a project presentation. In order to win a project-related award, the team must complete three steps:

(1) Identify a real world problem

(2) Create an innovative solution

(3) Share your research and solutions

In the 2009 season, the challenge was about ‘transportation’. Our team chose to work on bicycle transportation in our community. In order to learn more about local bike traffic and infrastructure, we went to our Township, to the Pennsylvania Department of Transporation and we also spoke with a number of other officials, bike organizations and residents of our community. The team is being supported by Schnecksville Elementary School.

We found some innovative solutions to improve bicycle usage in our area and we started to implement them. We also invented a new device (The SmartHelmet)  that could make riding a bicycle much safer….


Team Igutech discusses transportation issues with Mr. Ron Stahley, Supervisor of the Board of Directors at the North Whitehall Township.


Team Igutech at the Penn DOT office in Allentown, PA

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