SeniorPartner Weiner-01

Team Igutech – Season Highlights

 SeniorPartner Weiner-01 Pilot run with Team Igutech’s senior-friendly communication device.
SeniorPartner Weiner-02 Mrs. Jeanne W. – Team Igutech’s senior partner for the FLL Season 2012 ‘Senior Solutions’
 SeniorPartner Nedwich 02 Mrs. Eileen N. – Team Igutech’s second senior partner for the 2012 First Lego League challenge.
 GU3 7014 Team Igutech visist Luthercrest Senior Residence in Allentown, PA) for the third time to discuss the team’s invention that might revolutionize how seniors communicate with distant relatives. Thank you, Dr. Glew for your great support.
 GU3 6983 Rehearsing the presentation for Team Igutech’s FLL Qualifier.
GU3 6928 Viper – Team Igutech’s robot.
GU3 6624 Science experiment: Which balloon pops: red or green) when hit with a red laser beam?
GU3 6298 Team Igutech visits Phoebe Home Senior Residence in Allentown, PA
GU3 6289 Team Igutech meets with Heintz to learn about daily challenges of seniors.
GU3 6286 At a physical therapy center to learn about mobility related problems.
 GU3 6618 Teamwork challenge: Who builds the tallest tower?
 GU3 6561  Perfect aim!
 GU3 6557  Adrian after succesfully completing a teamwork challenge.
 GU3 6554 Cole and his levitating spoon.
 GU3 6548  Macaroni challenge.
 GU3 6544 Can Michael get the cookie without using his hands?
 GU3 6489 Bike ride along the Lehigh River.
GU3 6462 Canoe trip to ‘our’ wilderness island.
GU3 6408 Wilderness camp-out on an island in the Lehigh River for team building.
GU3 6459 Adrian experiences vision impairment first hand.
 GU3 6282 At the Phoebe Home Senior Care Facility in Allentown, PA
 GU3 4395  Keving gains hands-on experience with the DaVinci Surgical robot.
GU3 4364 Team Igutech follows a dilivery robot at the Lehigh Valley Hospital
LVHN_01a [HG 6/2012] Team Igutech at the Lehigh Valley Hospital.
Dr. Martin Martino demonstrates the Davinci Surgical System.
 GU3 4386  The Igutechs at the Surgical Education Center of LHVN.
GU3 4373 Tilman and Henrik try out tools for minimally invasive surgery at the Lehigh Valley Hospital



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