Cardboard + Tape = FUN
By: Cole Connolly

Igutech built a giant iguana! I suppose you are wondering why? On March 10th the Igutech team competed in a cardboard box derby hosted by Bear Creek Ski Mountain. In this competition, we had to make a well designed sled (in our case, an iguana) using only cardboard, zip ties, duct tape, and paint to add details. We met on a  Saturday afternoon and spent hours building the cardboard iguana. We had our hearts set on winning! When we arrived, we saw many other cool yet intimidating sleds. Would our sled go fast? We wouldn’t know the answer until the first run. The rules of the race where simple: the first sled down to the bottom of the tubing hill would win!

After carrying the large iguana to the top of the hill, we  patiently waited our turn. Once it was our turn to race, we already had our adrenaline pumping! We were speeding
down the hill at an amazing rate until we hit the wall, literally, and lost our momentum. Although, we didn’t win the competition, we had a great time participating in the event. Just wait until next time!


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