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The Igutech Mission


Our mission is to inspire young people’s interest in a science and engineering career, by engaging them in exciting mentor-based programs that build science and technology skills, foster team work, enhance their self-confidence and teach other life skills like problem solving, creativity, communication and leadership.


Igutech Inc. is a volunteer-based organization that offers mentor based programs in the field of science, technology and engineering. The programs are meant to go beyond the scope of the science and engineering education offered in public schools (K-12) and allow children to unleash their creative engineering potential in a challenging, yet safe and fun environment.

Igutech Inc. offers children, grades K-12, to join teams that participate in national science and engineering challenges and competitions. Goal of these programs is to stimulate the children’s curiosity and train them to work creatively and efficiently as a team to solve tough engineering problems as well as develop social awareness for real-life problems in their community. These goals are accomplished by participating in non-profit science & engineering programs like the ones offered by the FIRST organization, based in Manchester, NH. All teams are mentored by volunteer coaches, parents and subject matter experts that teach engineering principles while increasing the participant’s self-confidence, deepen their science knowledge and building life skills.

One key aspect of Igutech Inc. is to allow all participants to develop responsibility toward a self-motivated ownership of progress and achievements. Coaches and mentors are always present to provide a safe environment and to offer guidance, however, the children are encouraged to actively participate in all aspects of project management of the programs. This way, all participants can develop leadership, practice their communication and presentation skills, and become proficient self-motivated team leaders toward a successful engineering career.

Igutech Inc. offers in-depth technical programs in the field of robotics. Best-engineering practices, mechanical design skills as well as computer programming are taught in small team settings. Focus is on hands-on activities using, for example, the Lego NXT platform that allows the children to develop, build and then program autonomous robots that are able to complete a pre-defined mission. To motivate young people to give their best, Igutech teams participate in challenging national science and engineering competitions.


B.Braun Visit

[HG 4-21-10] On April 16logo_BBraun, 2010 we visited B.Braun Medical in Allentown, PA to learn about medical device manufacturing. TeamMeeting_100416-03aWe started out with a video about the company history, while we were treated to snacks and sodas. Then, engineers from R&D, Design and Production explained B.Braun's products. They introduces us to he fascinating world of infusion systems and drug delivery. Highlights were hands-on demonstrations of needle free IV valves (with fake blood!) and the illustration of 3D computer-aided design process.  Then, everyone had their turn to play with an industrial robot in one of B. Braun's R&D Labs. Their robot was clearly bigger and much 'fancier' then our LEGO robots, but the engineers explained that it used pretty much the same building blocks: motors with rotation sensors, various otther ensors, step-by-step programs, .... Another highlight was the window tour through production were we could see hundreds of large industrial robots making millions of little plastic pieces each day. Thanks so much again to our host Mr. Selk and his team of experts who stayed late on a Friday to give us a first-class tour and patiently answered our lots and lots of questions. We were very impressed and we would certainly like to come back one day.